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2010 sind im Westafrikaichen Sierra Leone etwas  90%  der Madchen und Frauen  genitalverstümmelt. Female Genital Mutilation  (FGM) wird in Fast allein enthnischen Gruppen praktiziert. Den Mädchen und Frauen erden hierbei ohne Narkose die Klitoris entfernt (Klitoridekomie) Sierra Leone. In vielen  Fällen werden zusätzlich die kleine Schamlippen teilweise order Vollständig abgetrennt (exzision)

Viele Betroffene leiden ein Leben lang unter schmerzen oder Infektion im Genitalbereich or können sich mit HIV Infizieren. Bei Geburten kommt es häufig zu Lebensgefährlichen komplikationen für mutter  und kind.Ein teil der Mädchen verblutet bei der Genitalverstümmelung .

FGM ist in Sierra Leone ein Teil von  In 

Ritualen, die von Frauen bünden organisiert werden. Damit werden Mädchen in die Erwachsenenwelt aufgenommen. Landeswelt gibt es geschätzte 50, 000 Bescneiderinnen. Erst seit 2009 kann FGM in Sierra Leone unter die verletzung von Kinderrechten Fallen.


KGSS-Old Girls' Association e.V  


KGSS-Old Girls' Association  e,V 

for possible donation  for Girl 

Child education.

IBAN: DE 46500400480470652900










Madam Bondu Kpakiwa 

Social Secretary

Mrs. Adamsay Samura

General Secretary

Mrs. Catherine F. Kambo


A cross section of the KGSS-OGA e.V Executive

  KGSS-Old Girls' Association e.V          

  •                        ​

  • KGSS-Old Girls' Association e.V is a none profitable, political, religious charitable Organization founded on the 28th of  May 2011 in Germany.

  • We promote Girl Child education  and women empowerment.

  • We condenm Teenage pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation.

  • Our Organization operates both in Sierra Leone and Germany. We undertake Scholarship project, Waterwell and Hospital assistance Projects in Sierra Leone.

  • In Germany we work with other  Organzations and in our Sierra Leone Communities across Europe.

  • We organize  global meetings once a year so as to meet with our collegues as a reunion.

  • We meet twice a year on general meetings  and frequently on emergency meetings.

  • Our meeting venues are rotational to homes of members.

  • We are  EPN's youngest Member in Hessen Germany.


  • Our first ever project  undertaken in Sierra Leone is  our 90 Scholarships award Project on the 30 September 2013 in Koidu Girls' Secondary School.

  • This Project goes to help children who cannot afford their tuition. We promote the fight against FGM

  • Our first ever project in Sierra  Leone is  a 90 Student Scholarship.

  • Motor: Unity is our strength

  • Colour: White and Blue

  • Membership categories:-

  • Members - are those that are originally from the school.

  • Associate members - are the Spouses and the Children of those that have attended the school.

  • Affiliate members- are the  general public irrespective of  Nationality.

  • Dues:

  • 5 Euros monthly,

  • 15 Euros Membership Card payment is once,

  • 25 Euros Membership registration yearly. ( renewable) 

  • Associate and Affiliate memberships dues are voluntory.

  • Donations are accepted in cash and used school materials;  computers, Printers, Generators and Hospital assorted equipments  etc.

  • How do are register as a member?

  • Answer: Very simple.

  • To register as a member of KGSS-OGA e.V,  you need to express your  interest  either in writing  or telephone to the Commitee that is responsible for membership. You will be asked by the Commitee to submit your detail in writing:  Name, Country of residence, two passport sized pictures and the day you entered and left the school if applicable. 

  • Please contact the commitee members under the following address and telephone numbers or through emails.

  • We are also very active on FB and on Twitter.


  • Contact address:-

  • Marktplatz13

  • 65824 Schwalbach

  • am Taunus

  • Germany

  • Mrs Catherine Kambo:- Tel. +4915216071242/ +4961965929350,  

  • email :- catherine-kambo@gmx.

  • We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • You can find us on FB and on Tweeter

  • Please see Account details for possible donation/Spende

  • KGSS-Old Girls' Association e.V

  • IBAN: DE46500400480470652900



Stop FGM



FGM Symposium held on the 20th September 2014 in Schwalbach Germany.  


Together we can stop FGM.



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